11 Nov

I’ve been setting up a new site to replace this one, which has run its course. It’s not that interesting yet, but I promise that blogging will resume after the new year. I’ve learned much over my sabbatical, and I’m eager to share some new ideas….


This blog is going on sabbatical.

25 May

But we’ll meet again. Promise. Until then (and I cannot predict exactly when), you have 130 archived posts at your fingertips.

Please enjoy your summer! And never stop investigating the world in front of you… there’s so much to see….

A very quick map for the Portes Ouvertes….

19 May

I am starting to include the experiences of others in my maps. This (or a version of this) will be part of an exhibition in June:


Under the weight of new information (to be continued).

18 May

Hello again…

It’s been a week or two, but I am back from Montreal with an abundance of new information to process. Specifically, I have:

a) Over 1 GB of imagery/sound/video

b) Two handwritten journals

c) 24 returned surveys

d) random memories

Needless to say, what little I knew about Montreal before (see earlier post) has turned into the opposite problem. I am now processing this information to create some new work for the DesignInquiry Journal¬†as well as for an exhibition at Montreal’s upcoming¬†Portes Ouvertes 2011. Stay tuned.

It pains me to admit that I still don’t understand the Expos logo. But I have been to the site of Expo ’67 and back….

Observe this!

5 May

Why bother with celebrating Cinco de Mayo when you’ve got this going on?

Priebe. Six to seven-thirty (and beyond).

We were chock full o’ doughnuts.

4 May

Design III, Spring 2011.

Sorry about the crappy cellphone shot… but we still look mighty fine, no?

And this is why I require your name on the spine.

4 May

Here we go grading, here we go! {Clap, clap}