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22 Feb

The other day, a student pointed this sign out to me. I’ve probably walked by it thousands of times while entering the building where I work without paying any attention. No food or drink in the A/C? Really? The vending machines just inside the door should be ashamed of themselves. Here I sit in my office upstairs, drinking coffee behind closed doors like a criminal!

But, seriously, if signs don’t make any sense, why read them? I just find it interesting that I’ve ignored this sign for seven whole years. In general, I’m very observant, almost to a fault.

Next, I’d like to know why the outer set of doors are newly handicapped accessible (finally!) while all of the vestibule doors still have manual knobs. It’s either that or the stairs.



27 Oct

Nice use of the ‘ol em dash, too.

Thanks to Melissa R. for sharing this.

This is this year’s motto.

8 Sep

Happy first day of school, everyone!

I found this print in the reject pile at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum a few weeks back. I don’t know who to give credit to, but I like it so much I had to swipe it, and now I’m going to hang it up in the lab.

Solid advice. After all, if you aren’t in school to push yourself, why are you here?

This is not this year’s motto.

8 Sep

Spotted on the door to the lithography studio here in the Art Department. Gail Panske said it’s a Xerox of a Carl Pope print.


6 Sep

Spotted while looking for a parking spot in St. Paul the other day. I know us Minnesotans can sometimes have problems being direct, but is this the actual speed limit? Or just some stern old lady telling us to hold our horses already?

I love a good sign, especially when it’s taken out of context.

26 Aug

The above was taken at Cabella’s, in what I call “the dead zoo:” the very elaborate mountain scene taxidermy display. At this point, my toddler likes it as much as the real live zoo (though I hope this will change).

And Fleet Farm is rewarding in so many ways.