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11 Nov

I’ve been setting up a new site to replace this one, which has run its course. It’s not that interesting yet, but I promise that blogging will resume after the new year. I’ve learned much over my sabbatical, and I’m eager to share some new ideas….


Observe this!

5 May

Why bother with celebrating Cinco de Mayo when you’ve got this going on?

Priebe. Six to seven-thirty (and beyond).

We were chock full o’ doughnuts.

4 May

Design III, Spring 2011.

Sorry about the crappy cellphone shot… but we still look mighty fine, no?

And this is why I require your name on the spine.

4 May

Here we go grading, here we go! {Clap, clap}

T-minus 3 days!

2 May

Of course, you are all very aware that the Senior Exhibition reception is set to happen this Thursday, right?

{Thanks to Emilie Rand for supplying a better-quality poster image.}

Musicians are creative too.

27 Apr

As each semester draws to a close, I always enjoy seeing the posters from the music seniors. They always have good ideas. Below: it’s about the crayons–and I’m pleasantly surprised the poster is not defaced.

Our political situation in one adhesive nutshell.

26 Apr

I recently found half of a bumper sticker in the stairwell here in the Arts & Communications Center. I think it speaks volumes through its truncated form. I haven’t seen a complete version of this particular graphic, which adds to the uneasy ambiguity.