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“But I just grabbed it off of Google images!”

22 Apr

Artwork by Ryan Fors (top image). The stolen image appears on the bottom.

Please read this short article from today’s Minneapolis/St. Paul StarTribune about the use & misuse of imagery taken off of the internet. It is my opinion that the current generation of students relies too much on imagery obtained on line. (See: my found imagery assignment!)

Of course, there are ways to do it correctly, and ways that are… just… stealing. I love that there is such a wealth of imagery available to use quickly and at no charge, but I’m afraid that ethical violations will cause more imagery to be marred with unsightly watermarks to prevent theft. Besides, I’d imagine that it is terribly embarrassing professionally to be identified as a copycat. Bad, bad mojo indeed.


You’d think the Oshkosh paper would have spellcheck set up for this kind of thing…

19 Apr

Just sayin’.

Tomfoolery, Google Style

4 Apr
This is what happened on April Fool’s Day when you searched Helvetica on Google. Comic Sans. Brilliant.

Think twice before you use that image…

31 Mar


How would you feel if you saw a photograph (or an illustration or a drawing or a logo) that you created being used out in the world without your permission or knowledge? Would you feel honored? Exploited? Both? How would you feel if that image was being sold for someone else’s profit? Here is the story of Noam Galai, who posted a simple photograph in the internet, not knowing that it would take on a life of its own.

Description from Fstoppers, who created and posted the film:

What if you took a set of images that became so popular that it was used hundreds of times all around the world by hundreds of artists, businesses, websites, and publications? As photographers, it’s what we all dream about but what if you were never paid for your work? What if you weren’t even given credit? What if your images were stolen for years and you never had any idea? If there was ever a video to share, this is it. This is Noam Galai’s story.

Thanks to Taine Hatch-Rymer for sharing this link.

Where the rivers have no name.

30 Mar

Dear Design 3,

Here is the article I was telling you about this morning in critique. It’s about the failure of the Google Map to label the names of rivers. It’s a quick read, and very entertaining.



Josh Wallaert: “Google Maps, Give Us Our River Names.” Design Observer. 3/22/11

Doing the Ol’ Capitol Swap

4 Mar

I really wish I had a weblink or an image to back this up. Last night, I lost what little faith I had in the competency of local television news. During The Office, the Green Bay NBC affiliate was promoting its 10 p.m. newscast–namely, the protests at the capitol building in Madison. Problem was, they kept showing an image of what appeared to me to be the U.S. Capitol. Uh, oops. Did anyone else see this? Am I making this up?

Check, check, double-check the accuracy of your images, everyone.

Um, awkward….

25 Feb

Noted this morning in Oshkosh outside of the donut shop. I don’t understand what this means. And that’s probably just fine.