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Musicians are creative too.

27 Apr

As each semester draws to a close, I always enjoy seeing the posters from the music seniors. They always have good ideas. Below: it’s about the crayons–and I’m pleasantly surprised the poster is not defaced.


Our political situation in one adhesive nutshell.

26 Apr

I recently found half of a bumper sticker in the stairwell here in the Arts & Communications Center. I think it speaks volumes through its truncated form. I haven’t seen a complete version of this particular graphic, which adds to the uneasy ambiguity.

“But I just grabbed it off of Google images!”

22 Apr

Artwork by Ryan Fors (top image). The stolen image appears on the bottom.

Please read this short article¬†from today’s Minneapolis/St. Paul StarTribune about the use & misuse of imagery taken off of the internet. It is my opinion that the current generation of students relies too much on imagery obtained on line. (See: my found imagery assignment!)

Of course, there are ways to do it correctly, and ways that are… just… stealing. I love that there is such a wealth of imagery available to use quickly and at no charge, but I’m afraid that ethical violations will cause more imagery to be marred with unsightly watermarks to prevent theft. Besides, I’d imagine that it is terribly embarrassing professionally to be identified as a copycat. Bad, bad mojo indeed.

T-minus two weeks

21 Apr

{In the meantime, I’ll work on obtaining a better-quality file of this graphic….}

Just be glad you don’t have to type it all out on a Linotype machine

21 Apr

A vintage vocational film for the Typography students, who are working on a book design project. And you think working on the computer is tiring….

Thanks to Daniel Beck, a former student, who shared the link.

Facebook, 1976

20 Apr

As mentioned in Design 3 this morning (just before Bob Barker, yo). Credit: How To Be A Retronaut, who also gave us Ikea Stonehenge.

You’d think the Oshkosh paper would have spellcheck set up for this kind of thing…

19 Apr

Just sayin’.