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Because I know freedom when I smell it.

10 Apr

What has happened in the men’s anti-perspirant aisle?! My husband asked me to pick up “some deodorant.” Easy enough, right? But no, I had to choose between “swagger” and “Denali” (as in National Park?) and the delirium that is the Axe line.

Ultimately, I went with Old Spice’s “Matterhorn” scent, not just because it made me think of yodeling (and/or the ride at Disneyland), but because the sticker says “Smells like Ice, Wind & Freedom.” And how can you argue with that?

Ok, ok… and I like the graphics too. Check out the gondola!


The center of attention.

7 Apr

Just in time for Design II’s music packaging project: a website devoted entirely to the labels found on the records themselves. These, of course, are the predecessor to the artwork printed on CDs. And for those who are about to do this project, I will offer a bit of good advice: do not wait until the last minute to design this element. I’ve seen too much of this sort of procrastination, and it’s depressing. After all, when you love a CD, which do you actively use more, the disc or the packaging?

The site, designed by one Simon Foster of London, also features a tightly curated section of album covers.

Mark your calendars now: 3/31 @ 4:50 p.m.

10 Mar

Design Management 101 / MeeWha Lee

Design students at UWO should not miss this opportunity. And have a look at the show in the Priebe beforehand– it’s up right now. From the show announcement:

This exhibition presents a design manager’s portfolio in a manner to both inform and inspire students of graphic design.

MeeWha Lee studied Design at Seoul National University in South Korea and at the University of Iowa. She has taught graphic communications design at two universities and has worked for three Fortune 200 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies as Design Director. This portfolio comprises her Brand Design and Innovation work from her CPG experience. Currently, she is Associate Director of Design & Innovation at Oscar Mayer/Kraft Foods, Inc.

Lecture: March 31 @ 4:50 to 5:50 p.m. in A/C 149

Reception to follow in the Allen Priebe Gallery.

Exhibition dates: March 8 to 31, 2011.

Another entry on the Christmas list.

9 Nov

Dear current typography students,

This coincides perfectly with the book design project. What is it? A box of postcards, each depicting one of 100 classic Penguin book covers! And why does this matter? Because, with its founding in 1935, the British publisher paved the way for high-quality paperback design.

If you would like to know more about Penguin’s rich design history, this is a good place to start.

Yours in design,


Celebrity Broth?

8 Nov

This might be my most mundane post ever, but for some reason, I have to report that I was dumbfounded at the grocery store this morning by the amount of celebrity chef-endorsed boxed stock on the shelf.

Now that I’ve got this off my chest, I will undoubtedly move on to more important things. (And for the record, I bought Pacific brand broth, which features a simple image of vegetable stock on the front, and nothing else.)

Compostable yet noisy Sun Chips packaging sacked.

7 Oct

OK, so that was a bad pun. But it’s true: Frito-Lay has axed its compostable Sun Chips packaging. Apparently, it was just too loud. How loud, I’d really like to know. Sales of Sun Chips have reportedly declined sharply since the introduction of the new packaging… which is actually sort of sad.

One moment of snacking ruckus vs. how many years in the landfill?