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Facebook, 1976

20 Apr

As mentioned in Design 3 this morning (just before Bob Barker, yo). Credit: How To Be A Retronaut, who also gave us Ikea Stonehenge.


Because I know freedom when I smell it.

10 Apr

What has happened in the men’s anti-perspirant aisle?! My husband asked me to pick up “some deodorant.” Easy enough, right? But no, I had to choose between “swagger” and “Denali” (as in National Park?) and the delirium that is the Axe line.

Ultimately, I went with Old Spice’s “Matterhorn” scent, not just because it made me think of yodeling (and/or the ride at Disneyland), but because the sticker says “Smells like Ice, Wind & Freedom.” And how can you argue with that?

Ok, ok… and I like the graphics too. Check out the gondola!

Tomfoolery, Google Style

4 Apr
This is what happened on April Fool’s Day when you searchedĀ Helvetica on Google. Comic Sans. Brilliant.

Just call me “Senior Fun Czar” from here on out

1 Apr

The venerable German toy manufacturer Playmobil issued a new product line today: Playmobil Apple Store. Frankly, I don’t think any of you can call yourselves real designers unless you pull out your iPhones immediately and order the limited-edition collector’s edition scale model with the optional line pack.

Better yet if you do this while sitting on an exercise ball in skinny jeans while wearing a trucker’s cap with an ironic slogan on it.

Check out the love:


As seen in The Northwestern, 1972

18 Feb

I came across this very randomly just now, and it is too good not to share. The “long-haired culture” indeed. Communes! I bet this scared the hell out of residents of our fair city as they read the morning paper in their soon-to-be-outdated homes.

One for the wish list.

27 Oct

You know, this is just what’s missing from my living room. And at the current exchange rate, it could be had forĀ only $20,845!