A mixed bag of curiosities

18 Mar

Every day, I find interesting things on the web that warrant consideration for placement on this site. If I had more time, I’d post them immediately. But I like to mull things over a bit, which leaves me with a rather large folder of bookmarks of items not posted. In the interest of cleaning out that folder (or at least making it smaller), here are 10 items that have interested me over the last month or two. Take ’em or leave ’em:

1. Loads of vintage German VW Bus graphics.

2. The Japanese kanji character as food pictogram.

3. Audi’s very own corporate typeface.

5. 50 designers illustrate 50 state mottos.

6. One year in ninety seconds.

7. Amazing chalk lettering by Dana Tanamachi.

8. Hitotoki: “Mapping moments around the world.”

9. 54 cereals loved and lost. (No claims on nutritional value….)

10. The CitID project. They accept submissions, and I don’t see Oshkosh in there. Need something fun to do over break?

Never stop looking! Even over spring break….


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