Long live print design, no matter the platform

24 Feb

Above: a sample page from The Daily. And I still love Portlandia, btw.

I was really interested to read this article over lunch today, as I’ve been craving to read more about what happens when we take traditional typography and layout techniques and apply them to digital media. I wish it was longer, but it’s a good general overview. Regardless of what you think of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, The Daily, his new iPad-only publication, is an intriguing mix of traditional print design and 21st-Century technology. It’s a little vanilla overall, but  it’s a new new world out there, and legibility should always come first. (Digital Trends has a good review of the user experience.)

“It’s comforting to see the well-tested tropes of print design translating to digital,” writes Ty Fujimura. “Paper itself is doomed to antiquity, but the design theory developed during its reign is effective and just as relevant for other media. Web content has traditionally been restricted to unexciting, homogeneous design by technological limitations. But advancements like HTML5 and devices like the iPad are freeing designers to create imaginative, stimulating interactive design rivaling what they could do in print.”

Since the introduction of the iPad, I’m interested in not only designing for the screen, but reading off of it as well. If I could only control the compulsion to continually click on links….


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