Destruction timeline: my Sunday to-do list.

1 Feb

Above, you’ll see the sad story of last Sunday’s to-do list. My three-year-old daughter often adds illustration to make these dull documents a little more interesting: this is why I took the first photo. Then I left the room for less than five minutes. Spirals were drawn. Water was added. Like a sundae, the list sported a fruit topping.

As artists and designers, we’ve all taken projects too far. Sometimes to the point of no return. (Though the computer can, of course, help with this: saving versions along the way helps.) Just this fall I was working on a tight deadline, trying to finish a work on paper for a group show, and I totally killed it. And I’m not about to pretend that the piece I ended up submitting was better than the earlier version.

This said, I do urge you to push your work, especially while you have the freedom to do so as a student. If you don’t push, you won’t learn. But if you find your piece is covered in fruit? Well, then, perhaps it really is time to take a little breather.


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