Well, that’s a complicated question….

24 Jan

I’m all about useful flowcharts. And this one may be of interest to my students, who are trying to design their way though one brutal economy.

Every now and again a student asks me what they should charge for their work. Secretly, it’s my least favorite question, because it’s impossible to answer, and I always feel bad about my inability to be anywhere near authoritative on the subject. There are just too many variables. My suggestion is usually to consult the Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, which (finally!) was updated this past fall. But what if money is out of the question? Well then, you’ve got some questions to ask yourself. Jessica Hische, of Daily Drop Cap fame, guides you though the conversation right here. As she says, “you may end up broke, but you’ll be knee deep in promised organs.” True that.

My only bone to pick with her advice is the warning against doing work pro bono for bands, which has resulted in some of the most fun and freedom I’ve experienced in my design career. Of course, my personal flowchart is complicated on that one, as I married the drummer.


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