An amazing opportunity for recent grads (as well as those about to be).

21 Dec

I hire students from my classes as interns. I teach, hire and mentor them, closely observing their progress. I stay young because I get to borrow their eyes. In fact, I get more out of it than they do. Paula Scher

Please familiarize yourself with AIGA Wisconsin’s Cultivate mentoring program. It is an amazing opportunity to get to know an experienced designer who can hopefully help you with advice, resources, and networking as you begin your career. You need to be a member of AIGA, but don’t let that be a hurdle, as membership will get you access to much, much more… including exclusive job postings and the ability to showcase your portfolio to a much wider audience.

But you’ve gotta act fast: the deadline is January 10th!
From the program’s website:

Cultivate connects emerging graphic designers with established design professionals in mentoring relationships, encouraging the future success of the design industry in our region.


Emerging designers, like all new professionals, need to tap into the strength of their communities in order to grow. That’s why we started Cultivate, AIGA Wisconsin’s three-month mentoring program, in order to spark new relationships for the benefit of designers in all levels of professional development.

After an initial mentoring match at the kick-off social event, the Mentors and Mentees sit down and get to know each other. Each pair will be encouraged to set a meeting schedule, and agree on a few topics of interest to discuss and ponder over the next few months. AIGA Wisconsin as a chapter will remain in the wings as a resource, allowing the mentoring relationship to grow organically, until the “Harvest Party” when we’ll celebrate a feast of design from emerging professionals at the end of the program.


If you’re an associate level member in AIGA (4 years or fewer practice in any design community), or an AIGA student member in your final semester, you can reserve a place as a Mentee with an established professional level AIGA member in a similar field. Your Mentor will have the experience and perspective to answer questions you may not want to ask at work. A Mentor can help you focus on a career development plan, and give you the confidence and insights that will guide you for years to come. The Mentee fee is $20.


Cultivate Application


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