All In Order

25 Oct

I knew I had to share this link when it was brought to my attention yesterday by two unrelated artist friends who live on opposite sides of the country. (South Dakota and Texas, to be exact.) Things Organized Neatly is just that: hundreds of great images of, well, things organized neatly. With very little else. Check out the archive page: it’s like a Google Images results page without all of the unnecessary crap.

All of this seems to correspond nicely with a passage read again this morning in Ellen Lupton’s Thinking With Type: “In order to help readers make connections and comparisons as well as to find information quickly, a single surface packed with well-organized information is sometimes better than multiple pages with a lot of blank space.” (p. 75) Not that I don’t love vast amounts of white space, but variety might also be the spice of design.

I’m posting my favorites here. The first image is actually a visual list of ingredients from a recipe in an Ikea cookbook. Please excuse me while I better organize the items on my desk, and then my kitchen, and then….


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