“Where nature rules over the visual identity.”

5 Oct

I especially love design with a strong conceptual bent. And this is one of the most successful I’ve found in quite a long time: a visual identity system for the Nordkyn peninsula of Norway. Nordkyn is the northernmost part of mainland Norway, which makes it the northernmost part of Europe’s mainland. Climate-wise, it can be an unforgiving place. The Oslo-based Neue Design Studio tapped directly into this cold reality, and designed an identity system to change according to current weather statistics from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

According to Neue Design Studio:

A feed of weather statistics affects the logo to change when the direction of the wind or the temperature changes. On the website, the logo updates every five minutes. We developed a logo generator where Visit Nordkyn can download their logo to the exact weather conditions of that particular moment. Nordkyn is truly a place where nature rules, even over the visual identity.

You, too, can visit Nordkyn, if only in a virtual manner.


One Response to ““Where nature rules over the visual identity.””

  1. Lucy October 5, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    That’s awesome! It’s like a barometric mood ring for a logo. I love it!

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