Where’s the love?

29 Sep

Yesterday in class, I had the conversation I dread a little bit each semester: telling a student to avoid a certain font like the plague. Usually the font in question is Papyrus. Often times it is Comic Sans. This time it was Hobo.

You see, for better or for worse, there are a few fonts that you must avoid using if you wish to be respected as a graphic designer. Sometimes these fonts have a bad rap because they are horribly overused. (I guess I could apply this logic to my beloved Archer, but I’m not ready yet.) But mostly it is because these fonts are just really, really bad.

The graphics community is an opinionated place, and people feel very strongly about these things. This is one reason I urge my students to be able to stand behind and defend their choices when appropriate. But the use of Comic Sans without irony? You may want to find another profession, folks.

The poster shown above was designed by Jeff Matz of Lure Design, and can be found around the web. (There’s even a Facebook group.) BUT, it is worth noting that in the August 2010 issue of Print Magazine, prolific graphic design writer Steven Heller blasted the common practice of presenting a piece graphically through someone having their picture taken while holding it up. Sometimes you just can’t win.

But you can learn to defend your choices.

More opinions below.


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