20 Sep

I just accepted an assignment to write an article about a brand new typeface called Lushootseed for the Mid America Print Council Journal. The typeface was designed by designed by Juliet Shen of Seattle. This will be an especially interesting investigation, as the new typeface has recently been crafted in wood type at the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers.

Lushootseed is the official language of the Tulalip, a Native American tribe from Washington State. The language was near extinction, mostly the result of the U.S. Government “assimilation” campaign of 1912, which sent Native children off to boarding schools, where they were required to speak only English.

Stay tuned as I learn more!


One Response to “Lushootseed”

  1. Lora J. Vahlsing September 20, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    Very interesting! What a fun assignment. I like it!

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