The Whitney Music Box

15 Sep

I’ve been listening to this for about fifteen minutes now, and it may very well be driving me crazy.* But  The Whitney Music Box is a very cool thing, and I wanted to share it. Image and sound, working together.

What is it? Essentially, it’s an animation which uses visual patterns to create music. According to the site’s creator: “Each of the 48 dots is moving in a circle. Each of the dots is on a 3 minute cycle. At the end of 3 minutes, the outermost dot will have moved around the circle once (this dot represents the first harmonic or fundamental). The next dot will have moved around the circle twice (representing the second harmonic). The next dot three times, and so on. The innermost dot moves around the circle 48 times. Now, imagine these dots are raised bumps on a disc which is controlling a music box, with each bump triggering a note when it passes the zero degree line (a line extending from the center to the east).”

If you are interested, I recommend trying the variations (#20 would be ideal for a sushi restaurant) and/or the related “Wheel of Stars.”

*I borrowed a Steve Reich album from Edwin a few years back, and it had a similar effect.


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